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Heather Bornfeld, Ph.D.

I am a clinical psychologist based in San Francisco, CA, with over 20 years of experience working directly with clients of different backgrounds and in different stages of life. Therapy is an endeavor that helps connect you to yourself authentically, and ultimately to others. I help my clients understand themselves not simply from the lens of "what is wrong" or how they are hurt, but also how they have adapted and survived. When we listen deeply to ourselves, and regard all of the aspects and facets that make us who we are, we can tap into the true Self and it's natural ability to heal.

My Practice

My Practice

According to well-known trauma researcher and author Bessel van der Kolk, wellness demands the ability to feel what you feel and know what you know.  Our thoughts and feelings are two modes of experiencing the world, but we are also physical beings with bodies that sense, breathe, and move.  In my practice I encourage my clients to notice all of this information and use it to connect to and care for the Self.

Individuals and problems are unique. Sometimes solution-oriented approaches are warranted, while other times in-depth exploration is key in gaining the insight to make important decisions or cope with life changes. My approach is collaborative, thoughtful, and direct, with the ultimate goal of helping my clients discover, and more importantly, inhabit who they truly are.
Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony.

—— Mahatma Gandhi

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